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A Pair Of 19th Century Limestone Urns

A Pair Of 19th Century Limestone Urns

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A wonderful pair of 19th Century, French Limestone urns, each finely carved ram's head is bearded and has generously ribbed, curled horns. The gadrooned bowl is supported on a round socle and base. Each urn sits on a free standing, fluted and moulded later oak plinth.
Condition Report: In good overall condition.  Some weathering to the top rim and tops of horns.  A few small chips to edge of rim.  Two hairline cracks.  They have been painted 4-5 times, most of which has peeled off over time.  Both have drainage holes.

Urn Height: 43 cm | Diameter: 60 cm
Plinth dimensions: Height: 82cm | Depth: 34cm
  Total Height: 125cm
Item Number: TD30011



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