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A Set Of 18th Century Game Engravings

A Set Of 18th Century Game Engravings

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A very good set of  six 18th Century hand coloured engravings of game in their original frames. Engraved and sold by Carington Bowles, of 69 St Paul's Church Yard, London. 

They depict game, which includes rabbits, hares, grey plovers, a lark, chaffinches, woodcock, snipe, partridges, duck, mallard, quails, yellow hammer, bullfinches, deer and pheasant.  

They are in good country country house condition. The frames were originally gilded and sometime in the 19th Century, over painted. Circa 1780 - 1790. 

Height: 42 cm | Width: 30 cm | Depth: 2.7 cm

Item Number: TD10052

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